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IT Solutions
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Legal / Finance

According to the American Bar Association’s, 60% of law firms budget for technology infra structure and with the new work from home trend, the need for IT Support and Security is more important than ever.

Due to laws attorneys must abide by, as well as the duty to safeguard confidential client information, it is imperative for law firms to have effective IT protocols in place. 24liveIT is knowledgeable, trained, and certified to keep your law practice as safe as possible from security breaches.

Further, our Information Technology professionals understand the significance of downtime to a busy law firm. We provide a proactive approach to managed IT services and support, including constant monitoring and management of IT systems. Our preventative solutions help solve a problem before a crash – or limit the amount of downtime in the event that one does occur.

Is your law firm’s technology optimized to meet your budget?

24liveIT can help! With over a decade of experience supporting those in the legal industry, 24liveIT understands the unique IT challenges law firms face. We provide IT services for law firms interested in optimizing technology and managing IT solutions.

24/7 Support

24liveIT understand how critical and important every minute is, this is why we have setup our services to support you 24/7.  Our team is available to handle any technology issues you face within minutes so can focus on the matter at hand.

Document and Security

Law firms today face an unprecedented amount of data vulnerability. 24liveIT is highly competent  at helping attorneys secure client data with a variety of IT services for law firms.

Access your Data

As an attorney, your business has the potential to take you across the world. At 24liveIT,  we ensure that when you are on the go, your documents are accessible within seconds without compromising your security.


Technology and the

Start-up Business

Many start-up businesses start within a room or a garage and then bloom over time. However, in today’s cut-throat competition, IT is a need that should be met from the beginning. 24liveIT understands this need of the start-up sector and believes in working to provide them the right support. With immense understanding and experience in the IT industry, our extensive knowledge of IT support and services can be of good value for any start-up.

Advanced cybersecurity

While many start-ups use desktop computers, those aren’t the only medium used to enter work and access it. Several people now access work from their laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. All of this creates room for good cybersecurity. 24liveIT can provide advanced cybersecurity to start-ups so they can work with the knowledge that their data is safe.

Your company without a cybersecurity system in place can be an easy target for hackers and even competitors. 24liveIT cybersecurity team does vulnerability assessments to detect threats and deal with them immediately.

Help desk and user support

24liveIT has an IT team with in-depth technical knowledge of IT. Often times, companies have deadlines to meet and their systems start acting up. It becomes a race against time. Start-ups can face this problem more often than other organizations as they’re new in the business. With 24liveIT as your help desk and user support; you will have happy employees leading to happy customers.

Every start-up is different and with these services, we can optimize what works best for them. Technology is complex and startups specifically don’t have enough funds to fire full-time experts for their IT needs. That’s where we enter the picture; we focus on IT support so you can focus on your work.

Networking and VoIP

IT infrastructure has to be smooth and seamless and this goes for all organizations. IT services are no longer seen as a cost rather an investment that enables start-ups to work better and within secure and safe systems. Years of experience and accreditations have made our system unparalleled and complete with end-to-end capabilities. With us managing your networking, you can enjoy the following benefits

  • Web Filtering and Content Control

  • Remote Application Access

  • VoIP and Video Conferencing

  • Server, network and application monitoring

  • Remote user access, office connectivity

Customized plan to meet needs

We understand that start-ups might vary in the kind of IT services that they need. So, we provide them customized solutions that address their concerns rather than coming up with a one plan fits all strategy. It has allowed us to help more and more start-ups and give them the necessary knowledge about cybersecurity and IT support. Besides our deep and broad skill set, we can solve even the most complex IT problems in minimal time.

With 24liveIT as your partner, you can work in peace knowing that your It support is in the safest and experienced hands. You will get to work with our experienced technical experts that will get work done right the first time. Additionally, you will have an up-to-date and working IT infrastructure with optimal cybersecurity. So, take us on board today!

Healthcare IT Support Services

Transform your Patient’s IT Health Experience

Healthcare today is more important than ever. It is the need of the time. So, it makes sense to invest in healthcare. One often overlooked aspect of healthcare is the maintenance of healthcare systems and their IT support. 24liveIT understands the need for IT in healthcare – with experience of many years in the IT sector, we can provide unparalleled IT support. Do you work in healthcare and can do with a better system? We are here to help at every step!

Why choose 24liveIT.

Healthcare IT providers must follow strict compliance requirements. At 24liveIT, we are adept at keeping up with all the necessary guidelines and requirements. We offer a range of IT health services along with a suite of security services to keep your data safe and uncompromised. Additionally, we can customize these services to best fit your requirements.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Many doctors and hospitals without the right system and software in place are unable to save patients and identify disease patterns before time. With 24liveIT and assembling and maintain each patient’s data in one place, doctors can analyze the patient’s history much better.  Online and easy availability of patient’s data at one place gives doctor’s the ease to study all today in co-relation and give plan effective treatment for the patient.

Protection and security of Healthcare data – Cloud services

Without the support of IT, the healthcare system is at the risk of breach of data and hacking of confidential patient and research data. It can be the biggest nightmare for any hospital or healthcare system. However, with our safe and trustworthy software and services, your data will remain safe from theft and hackers.

Manage and secure all your servers and devices with our antivirus and malware protection programs. Our solutions are guaranteed to provide success and keep your networks and devices safe from malware.

Cloud storage services – Keep the patients information safe and streamlined

There are different kinds of cloud services that can be in need by different hospitals. We provide an array of storage services to keep the data safe and away from hackers. These are a few of the services that we provide;

  • Direct attached storage

  • Network-attached storage

  • Disaster protected storage

  • Cloud storage and private cloud storage

  • RAID 5, 6, and redundant storage

Handling of Hospital’s Administrative Workload – Streamlining the information

The use of IT is not limited to patient care but it is a fundamental part of the administrative workload as well. A hospital with a smooth and up-to-date administrative system will always be better than one on the brink of collapse. With our IT Support Company, hospitals can run smoothly and manage the administration efficiently without any chaos.

Our tools and applications are here to make it easy and seamless for hospitals to manage their workload and optimize it.

Healthcare and information technology go hand-in-hand – The future of healthcare belongs to Information technology. With 24liveIT by your side, the healthcare sector has a strong advantage to provide better patient care, reduce costs and effectively manage resources.


Work for the Greater Good while We Manage IT Services for You!

Are you a non-profit working for the greater good looking for IT support? 24liveIT is here to help you by providing state-of-the-art IT solutions. Non-profit organizations do the work of God. 24liveIT can be your perfect strategic partner so you can focus on your work while we manage IT services for you.

Our Experience with Non-Profit Organizations

With experience surpassing many years working with the non-profit sector providing IT solutions, we have learned one thing – every non-profit is different. Hence, we don’t promote uniforms solutions for everyone when we know that every non-profit has a different range of needs for IT services. We understand the pain points of IT services that non-profits can face and we are here to provide solutions.

Why pick 24liveIT as your trusted IT service partner?

We already mentioned our experience of working with the non-profit sector. However, there are a few other reasons that make us your first choice of IT partner.

Effective IT solutions within budgets

We understand that non-profit organizations work for a greater cause. With limited resources and bigger goals, effective budgeting is essential for non-profit organizations. Experts at 24liveIT work tirelessly to make sure that every penny you spend on IT services is well worth and accounted for. We have partnerships with leading providers. It allows us to make sure our clients save on their day-to-day technological purchases.

Our mission is to create long-term customer partnerships and help them with their objectives via the use of our extensive IT support and IT services. Work with us so we can optimize your existing IT infrastructure and create a roadmap to improve your IT service.


Remain ahead in the competition.

A strategic partner that facilitates IT services can be your competitive edge to remain ahead of the competition in this cut-throat environment. 24liveIT can provide you that advantage and help you in staying ahead of the competition and closer to your mission.

From creating an app to a web custom portal or database management services – we can do it for you. Additionally, we can give you the tools to understand the importance of IT services and the impact as well.

Keeping your data safe – Storage and backup services

Database of members and donors is most important for a non-profit organization. 24liveIT has been working with non-profits for years and keeping their data safe and secure. Hackers and hacking threats can negatively impact non-profits. Hence, we are here to provide cybersecurity for your data. Additionally, we also make sure that your data is backed up periodically and stored in a safe place that can be only reached via authorized access.

We understand that secure storage is a serious issue and the cost of storage per gigabyte on the hard drive has never been cheaper. However, we believe in assessing the needs of the business and then suggesting storage actions as per the needs. Following are the storage services that we provide;

  • Direct attached storage

  • Network-attached storage

  • Disaster protected storage

  • RAID 5, 6, and redundant storage

Cloud storage and Private cloud storage


Effective IT Support and Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies need IT solutions to avoid bumps in manufacturing and ensure that everything is streamlined. 24liveIT understands the requirement of IT solutions for manufacturing companies. We have been putting the technical knowledge and expertise of our experts to good use y assisting manufacturing companies and by providing them timely solutions.

24liveIT  – IT solutions for manufacturing companies

Whether your company has an existing IT team or is looking forward to outsourcing it – we can help. We can work with your IT team to lend them a hand in various tasks. From large-scale installations to support for an existing team or dealing with customers, we can do it all.

We have been providing IT support and services to the manufacturing industry for more than two decades. Additionally, several factors make us the preferred choice of the manufacturing industry.

Server Installation and Support

We have a team of certified technicians that are ready to solve any problem that can happen with your server. From installation to update and security for your server, all could be done by our expert technicians. We understand the importance of an updated and protected server. Hence, we update and back it up on regular basis. It allows your server to run in optimal conditions.

From secure web-based file transport solutions to virtualization, and protection from viruses, malware, and spam – we do it all for our clients.

Decrease cost with 24liveIT

As mentioned that many manufacturing firms often prefer outsourcing their IT services. With 24liveIT  as your outsourced partner, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of C-level technical knowledge while reducing your overall costs. Expand IT works with the bottom line to help you make your business prosper and move in the right direction.

Migration on cloud

Irrespective of the size of your manufacturing business, 24liveIT  can help with complete migration to the cloud effortlessly. We can also provide you tailored and customized migration services to fit your needs and help your business flourish.

Maintain your production with our IT services.

Consistent support of IT services is vital to ensure that production is done seamlessly without any hiccups. 24liveIT as your strategic partner can be beneficial in more than one way. Our knowledge of the IT industry and the way it works in the manufacturing business can help your team with learning better work practices.

Protect your Data

Companies and their employees need to understand the fragility of data. 24liveIT  can help protect your data and provide cybersecurity. Additionally, we can help your team in learning the safest practices and then their implementation within work. We can also highlight pain points and areas in need of improvement within your existing framework. Keep your company safe from jeopardizing circumstances by taking us on board as your strategic partners.

24liveIT  has been in the IT industry for quite some time and knows the ins and outs of work well. We work with the bottom line to make IT safe, accessible, and manageable for our clients.

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